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  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • Do entrepreneurs have any special characteristics?
  • Why not just get a job rather than start your own business?
  • What are the disadvantages?
  • What types of businesses are there?

How do you get started?

  • Do you have a problem worth solving?
  • Do you have an idea that can be sold (either a product or service)?
  • Who is your customer?
  • What is your UVP (unique value proposition)?
  • How will you solve the problem?
  • How will you reach your customers?
  • Can you make money?


  • What is brainstorming? What is ideation?
  • I want to be an entrepreneur, but I don’t have a good idea—how do I get a good idea?
  • Are you innovative and creative?

–Don’t limit yourself; think outside the triangle!

  • What is design thinking (DT)?
  • What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
  • Can you start a business that addresses one or more of the SDGs?
  • What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
  • What is your big idea?
  • Who is your customer?
  • What is a lean canvas?
  • What is a startup cost?
  • What are its main operating costs (i.e., expenses)?
  • What will be your company’s main revenues?
  • What is net income (i.e., net profit)? What is an income statement (i.e., profit and loss statement; P&L)?
  • Example: Larry’s Lawn Service
  • What is opportunity cost?
  • Practice Excel using “Professor DeBerg’s Top Ten Things to Love about Excel” videos as a guide
  • Review the answers to “Annette’s Tutoring Business”
  • Complete two cells in the Lean Canvas for Myface: Cost structure and Revenue streams
  • What is the difference between debt vs. equity (Myface example)
  • Where can you get money to start your business? (see chapter 9 of Get Backed)

–Friends, family

–Angel investors

–Venture capitalists

  • Selling your idea to banks and investors (see The Building Blocks of a Pitch Deck)
  • Linking your marketing strategy to the lean canvas
  • The Four P’s of the Marketing Mix
  • What is digital marketing?

— an umbrella term for all online marketing efforts

  • What are some examples of digital marketing?

–Websites, Google search,    social media, mobile apps

–SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

–SEM (Search Engine Marketing),

–Display advertising

What kind of business do you want to be?

  • School-based business
  • Sole Proprietor (one owner, unlimited liability)
  • Partnership (two or more owners, unlimited liability)

What kind of business do you want to be?

  • Regular Corporation- (C Corp) (many owners, limited liability, double taxation)
  • S Corporation (many owners, limited liability, single taxation)
  • Limited Liability Company (many owners, limited liability, single taxation)
  • Nonprofit (501 c 3) (no owners, but an executive management team; no taxation)
  • How do I manage cash?

–Managing personal cash by creating a personal budget

–Investing personal cash to initially finance your business

  • What is the “story” of cash? It has three chapters: arranging the financing, investing in startup costs and paying startup expenses, and operating the business
  • What are the three categories that all cash flows can be classified?
  • What is the difference between cash basis accounting and accrual accounting?
  • Why should I reconcile my cash balance to the bank’s balance?
  • Why is it important to keep good records?
  • How do I prepare periodic financial statements under accrual accounting?
  • How do I prepare periodic financial statements under cash basis accounting?
  • How do I hire and manage employees?
  • What is income tax?

–it’s based on a company’s net income before tax

  • What is self-employment tax

–it’s a social security tax paid by  an owner of a business

  • What is payroll tax?

–it’s based on the amount paid to employees in wages and salaries

  • What is the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?
  • What is sales tax?

–it’s a tax collected from customers and paid to the state and county government on the sale of goods (but not services)

  • What is intellectual property, in general?
  • What are trademarks/service marks?
  • What are patents?
  • What are copyrights?
  • What are domain names?
  • What are some “thorny” issues involving ownership?
  • –Mark Zuckerberg and Winklevoss Twins example
  • –Examples from Rahn article
  • What is risk?
  • How to minimize risk and maximize return?
  • How is managing risk like rolling dice?
  • What financial statistics should I compute from financial statements? (e.g., breakeven, working capital, current ratio, debt to equity, return on sales, return on equity)
  • What is civic engagement?
  • How your business is affected by local, state and federal government
  • How to engineer sustainable business practices into your business
  • What is social entrepreneurship?
  • What is the triple bottom line?
  • How does it differ from commercial entrepreneurship?
  • What is the difference between a micro and a macro social entrepreneur?
  • What are some examples of social enterprises?
  • Can I create a social enterprise to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
  • –SAGE World Cup 2017 examples
  • What is the difference between a Macro and a Micro Social Entrepreneur?
  • What does a lean canvas look like for a social entrepreneur?
  • How are social entrepreneurs held accountable? How are “profits” measured?
  • What is the role of global organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations?
  • Why foreign exchange rates matter?
  • What is the monetary value of a university education vs. high school?
  • If I major in business in college, what kind of career might fit for me?
  • Why is it important to find good mentors?
  • What are examples of good places to find a mentor? (e.g., SCORE, SAGE, Enactus, etc.)

  • What is SAGE?
  • What curriculum does it offer?
  • Who are SAGE’s mentors?
  • What happens at a SAGE competition?
  • Where are the competitions?
  • How Do I Start a SAGE Team?

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