Turning Risk into Success (TRIS)

An Entrepreneurship Program for Teenagers

  • Lesson 1, “What is an Entrepreneur? Can I Become One”
  • Lesson 2, “Planning Your Business and Writing the Business Plan
  • Lesson 3, “How to Finance My Business Idea”
  • Lesson 4, “Starting a Business and Understanding Basic Financial Statements”
  • Lesson 5, “Finishing the Business Plan and Beginning Operations”
  • Lesson 6, “Running the Business: Managing Cash, Recordkeeping, Employees, and Taxes
  • Lesson 7, “Social Entrepreneurship, Part I—Seeking More than the Financial Bottom Line”
  • Lesson 8, “Social Entrepreneurship, Part II—The Importance of a Business Plan”
  • Lesson 9, “Doing Business in the Local Community: A Case for Civic Engagement and Environmental Stewardship”
  • Lesson 10, “Your Business and the Global Community: A Case for Thinking and Acting Globally”
  • Lesson 11, “Being in Business Without Starting One—Careers in Business
  • Lesson 12, “Preparing to Present Your Business Plan”



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