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Turning Risk into Success: A Teen Entrepreneurship Program

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The Problem: Policymakers and employers want students to graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills to enter higher education or become productive members of the workforce. The main problem, however, is that entrepreneurship and business literacy are not a priority in our schools. As a result, universities produce certified teachers that know very little, if anything, about the real world of business.

What: “Turning Risk into Success”- TRIS- is a one-semester course containing series of 12 lessons that show teenagers how to start their own business. This course helps teens create a business based on something they are passionate about. The business can be a commercial enterprise or a social enterprise. The lessons were created by Dr. Curtis L. DeBerg, an award-winning university professor. After taking the course, students are eligible to participate in a SAGE Regional or National Tournament. The course can only be taught by TRIS-Certified Master Teachers.

Our Solution:  Dr. DeBerg and the SAGE staff provide two types of workshops/programs to help new or veteran teachers become master teachers and/or master trainers of TRIS.


Workshop: Three-Day Master Trainer Program

Cost, US Residents: $495

Cost, International Guests: $1,800

Educators/administrators will take part in an intensive, four-day program to receive hands-on training and teaching tools to become TRIS Certified Master Trainers.

The program includes site visits and tours of some of Chico’s most successful businesses, including:

  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (a socially-responsible business)
  • Computers for Classrooms (a social enterprise business)
  • Mooney Farms (a socially-responsible business)


Each participant will receive a full set of materials, including:


  1. A three-ring binder containing the teacher’s manual; the manual includes a pre- and post-assessment test and quizzes for each lesson
  2. A CD with PPT slides for each lesson; the CD also includes a PPT presentation for the owners of CarCare Company, the business plan presented in TRIS Lesson 2
  3. A certificate recognizing them as a TRIS Certified Master Trainer.
  4. A certificate of completion, signed by the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at California State University, Chico USA.


The fee includes tuition, training materials, and business tours to the businesses listed above. Our office will also assist you in finding lodging and meals according to your budget (e.g., luxury hotel, mid-level hotel, budget hotel/motel).



Workshop Details

Session #1 Participants will be:

  • Introduced to the 12-lesson course, “Turning Risk into Success”
  • Provided ten hints for effective teaching
  • Guided through Lesson 1, “What is an Entrepreneur? Can I Become One”
  • Guided through Lesson 2, “Planning Your Business and Writing the Business Plan
Session #2 Participants will be:

  • Guided through Lesson 3, “How to Finance My Business Idea”
  • Guided through Lesson 4, “Starting a Business and Understanding Basic Financial Statements”
  • Guided through Lesson 5, “Finishing the Business Plan and Beginning Operations”
Session #3 Participants will be:

  • Guided through Lesson 6, “Running the Business: Managing Cash, Recordkeeping, Employees, and Taxes
  • Guided through Lesson 7, “Social Entrepreneurship, Part I—Seeking More than the Financial Bottom Line”
Session #4 Participants will be:

  • Guided through Lesson 8, “Social Entrepreneurship, Part II—The Importance of a Business Plan”
  • Guided through Lesson 9, “Doing Business in the Local Community: A Case for Civic Engagement and Environmental Stewardship”
Session #5 Participants will be:

  • Guided through Lesson 10, “Your Business and the Global Community: A Case for Thinking and Acting Globally”
  • Guided through Lesson 11, “Being in Business Without Starting One—Careers in Business
Session #6 Participants will be:

  • Guided through Lesson 12, “Presenting Your Business Plan”


For More Information about Workshop Content:

Contact Dr. DeBerg at 530.898.4824 or Fax: 530.898.4970

Checks payable to SAGE and mail to:

ATT: Curtis L. DeBerg
College of Business
CSU, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0011